Departmental Bulletin Paper Developing reciprocity, intercultural communicative competence, and content learning through international service learning

VILBER, Aurelio  ,  MALAQUE, Cherry  ,  MONSANTO, Kayumangi  ,  GUMALAL, Jeraline  ,  Lou ALLEGO, Ivan  ,  オレリオ, ビルバー  ,  チェリー, マラケー  ,  カユマンギ, マンサント  ,  シェラリン, グムラン  ,  アイバン, ルー・アルゴ

2pp.7 - 20 , 2016-03-31 , 大手前大学国際教育インスティテュート
The language education of Otemae University(OU) Japan and the University of the Philippines Cebu High School(UPCHS) conducted an international service learning(ISL) program in Cebu, Philippines, in 2015. It aimed to develop the English communication skills, intercultural competence, and content learning of both service learners(7 OU students and 3 professors) and community partners(40 UPCHS students with 4 professors). The OU students conducted a two-week Japanese arts and culture workshop to UPCHS students, while the latter became their students and activity partners. Adapting the service learning frameworks of Ash and Clayton (2009) and Kendall (1990), this paper assessed the impact of ISL on the community partners' content learning, intercultural competence and receptivity. It used qualitative method in analyzing the community partners' reflection and participatory action research to determine the impact. Findings show that the ISL promoted (1) reciprocity ; (2) collaborative inquiry between the universities ; and (3) learning of Japanese arts and culture among the partners. The study recommends to continue but improve the ISL by providing both universities training on Japanese-Filipino intercultural understanding to promote a more efficient partnership and to consider the different academic calendars of both countries in planning.

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