Departmental Bulletin Paper A comparative study of broadcasting English and newspaper English : A new approach to analyzing broadcasting news
放送英語と新聞英語の比較研究 ―放送英語の分析に関する新たな試み―

NONAMI, Yuri  ,  Yuri, NONAMI

16pp.139 - 152 , 2016-03-31 , 大手前大学
The purpose of this paper is to examine the style of broadcasting news by comparing it with newspaper news. Newspapers have well-known style characteristics which enable us to get news effectively: namely, the ‘Inverse pyramid type.' As for radio broadcasting, it seems the characteristics have not yet been confirmed or delineated. Sekine (1988) indicates that the ‘Decreasing Importance' approach is used when editors report news through newspapers whereas radio reporters tend to use the ‘Increasing Importance' (1988:45). In this paper, radio news is compared with the newspaper style by focusing on three points. First, the importance of relay in radio news is analyzed. Second, the linguistic differences between spoken and written news reporting is explored. Third, my observations regarding techniques of introducing the relay are examined. The materials used are BBC Radio 4 broadcast news and The Times in the United Kingdom. In conclusion, I suggest the importance of relay in radio broadcasting news and introduce a ‘Double-Pyramid Type' approach.

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