Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学生が授業外イベントに参加しない理由:石琴(サヌカイト)のコンサートの事例 
Why do undergraduate students not attend an off-class event ? : a case report of lithophone concert

植木, 岳雪

An off-class event of lithophone concert was held in January, 2014, to facilitate interest in natural stone for the undergraduate students of Chiba Institute of Science, Japan. Because of the less number participants, a questionnaire survey was performed for students of nonparticipation in theconcert. Most of students knew the concert, but did not participate owing to classes or reports.Negative impression about a stone dominated to the students may induce students’ nonparticipation in the next concert. Both easiness and pressure of the participation of off-class event is needed for undergraduate students.

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