Departmental Bulletin Paper 茨城県中部における大学3年生を対象とした野外実習の実践報告
A case report of field excursion in central Ibaraki Prefecture for third-year undergraduate students

植木, 岳雪  ,  糟谷, 大河  ,  小濱, 剛  ,  手束, 聡子  ,  戸塚, 唯氏

The " Introduction of field survey " is a required practice for third-year undergraduate students of the Department of Environmental Risk and Crisis Management, Faculty of Risk and Crisis Management, Chiba Institute of Science, Japan. The practice aims to learn basic methods of field sciences. The practice in 2015 included topics of geology and geomorphology, forest and aquatic ecology, fisheries, chemical analysis, and science education. Students satisfied the entire program and showed a positive evaluation for the multidisciplinary contexts of practice.

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