Technical Report Development of JAEA sorption database (JAEA-SDB); Update of sorption/QA data in FY2017

杉浦 佑樹  ,  陶山 忠宏  ,  舘 幸男

pp.1 - 54 , 2018-03 , JAEA
Sorption and diffusion of radionuclides in buffer materials (bentonites), rocks and cementitious materials are the key processes in the safe geological disposal of radioactive waste, because migration of radionuclides in these barrier materials is expected to be diffusion-controlled and retarded by sorption processes. It is therefore necessary to understand the sorption and diffusion processes and develop databases compiling reliable data and mechanistic/predictive models, so that reliable parameters can be set under a variety of geochemical conditions relevant to performance assessment (PA). The present report focuses on updating of the sorption database (JAEA-SDB) as basis of integrated approach for PA-related Kd setting and mechanistic sorption model development. This includes an overview of database structure and contents. Kd data and their QA results are updated by focusing our recent activities on the Kd setting and mechanistic model development. As a result, 4,256 Kd data from 30 references were added, total number of Kd values in the JAEA-SDB reached about 63,000. The QA/classified Kd data reached about 69% for all Kd data in JAEA-SDB. The updated JAEA-SDB is expected to make it possible to obtain quick overview of the available data, and to have suitable access to the respective data for PA-related Kd setting in effective, traceable and transparent manner.
著者所属: 日本原子力研究開発機構(JAEA)

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