Technical Report A Terrestrial ecosystem model (SOLVEG) coupled with atmospheric gas and aerosol exchange processes

堅田 元喜  ,  太田 雅和

pp.1 - 35 , 2017-01 , JAEA
In order to predict the impact of atmospheric pollutants (gases and aerosols) to the terrestrial ecosystem, new schemes for calculating the processes of dry deposition of gases and aerosols, and water and carbon cycles in terrestrial ecosystems were implemented in the one-dimensional atmosphere-SOiL-VEGetation model, SOLVEG. We made performance tests at various vegetation areas to validate the newly developed schemes. In this report, the detail in each modeled process is described with an instruction how to use the modified SOLVEG. The framework of "terrestrial ecosystem model" was developed for investigation of a change in water, energy, and carbon cycles associated with global warming and air pollution and its impact on terrestrial ecosystems.
著者所属: 日本原子力研究開発機構(JAEA)

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