Technical Report Synthesized research report in the second mid-term research phase, Mizunami Underground Research Laboratory Project, Horonobe Underground Research Laboratory Project and Geo-stability Project (Translated document)

濱 克宏  ,  笹尾 英嗣  ,  岩月 輝希  ,  尾上 博則  ,  佐藤 稔紀  ,  藤田 朝雄  ,  笹本 広  ,  松岡 稔幸  ,  武田 匡樹  ,  青柳 和平  ,  中山 雅  ,  宮川 和也  ,  大山 卓也  ,  安江 健一  ,  浅森 浩一  ,  丹羽 正和  ,  大澤 英昭  ,  伊藤 洋昭  ,  長江 衣佐子  ,  夏山 諒子  ,  仙波 毅  ,  天野 健治

pp.1 - 274 , 2016-08 , JAEA
We synthesized the research results from the Mizunami/Horonobe Underground Research Laboratories (URLs) and geo-stability projects in the second midterm research phase. This report can be used as a technical basis for the Nuclear Waste Management Organization of Japan/Regulator at each decision point from siting to beginning of disposal (Principal Investigation to Detailed Investigation Phase).
著者所属: 日本原子力研究開発機構(JAEA)

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