Technical Report JENDL decay data file 2015

片倉 純一  ,  湊 太志

pp.1 - 97 , 2016-03 , JAEA
JENDL Decay Data File 2015 (JENDL/DDF-2015) has been produced. The decay data of nuclides with mass numbers from 1 to 260 are included. The nuclides with unknown gamma- and/or beta-emission are also included in order to keep decay chains. The data of 1,284 fission product nuclides with mass from 66 to 172 remain unchanged from JENDL/FPD-2011 except several corrections which had been claimed by users, and those of the newly added 1,953 nuclides are taken from ENSDF. Finally, the decay data of 3,237 nuclides including 244 stable nuclides were compiled as JENDL/DDF-2015 file.
著者所属: 日本原子力研究開発機構(JAEA)

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