Departmental Bulletin Paper 「教職実践演習(栄養教諭)」の実践と「履修カルテ」活用の効果

新井, 英志  ,  百々瀬, いづみ  ,  山部, 秀子

本稿では、T 大学における「教職実践演習(栄養教諭)」の実践と「履修カルテ」活用の効果について、実践内容とともに、検証した結果を報告する。研究対象は、2016 年度の卒業生14 名である。研究方法は、本授業終了後のアンケート(質問紙調査で5件法と記述を併用)と「履修カルテ」の自己評価結果や記述内容を活用して、カテゴリー分析と統計解析を行った。本授業における3つの授業目標の達成度は、学生による自己評価の平均値が4.14~4.00(5件法)であり、これらの目標は概ね達成したと評価した。次に、本授業が教員としての資質能力向上に役立っているかについては、学生の回答内容から判断して、効果があったと評価した。また、学生の回答による「履修カルテ」を作成した効果については、「学年ごとの自己評価で成長を実感」が57%、「学修履歴の記録に役立った」が50%、「達成すべき目標が明確になった」「教員としての力量・実践力の向上に役立った」が共に29%の順であった。さらに、「履修カルテ」を本授業で活用する効果については、考案した「履修カルテ」の振り返りシートが、学びの振り返り・省察の手助けをすることや、学生自身の教員としての課題の明確化と、それを克服するための具体的な実践目標決定の有効なツールとして効果的であった。
This paper reports the implementation of practical seminars for teachers at T College. Furthermore, the details of this implementation are outlined, and the results of the use and impact of"Rishu Karte"(academic portfolio for college students aiming to be teachers) are examined. In total, 14 alumni who graduated in 2016 participated in the study. The method employed included a questionnaire administered after completing a class (with questions answered on a five-point scale combined with descriptors), as well as the results from a self-assessment of"Rishu Karte," and a category analysis and statistical analysis of these results. The self-assessments done by students revealed that the achievement of three class objectives averaged between 4.14 and 4.00 (on a five-point scale), indicating that these objectives were generally achieved. Thereafter, the responses of students were evaluated to determine whether the class was useful for improving teaching skills, and the class was assessed as having an impact. In addition, with regard to the impact of creating"Rishu Karte,"57% of the students responded, "I feel I grew in each year’s self-assessment"; 50% responded, "It was useful as a record on my student CV"; and 29% responded, "It was useful in improving my competence and capabilities as a teacher." Moreover, with regard to the impact of using "Rishu Karte" in this class, the reflection sheet of"Rishu Karte"considered in the class had an impact as a useful tool for assisting in reflecting back on what was learned, clarifying issues as teachers of the students themselves, and setting specific goals in practice.

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