Departmental Bulletin Paper 老年看護学実習における学生の認識変容に関わる要因の検討

高橋, 順子  ,  林, 裕子

【方法】実習を終了し、成績および単位認定の確定した4年次学生47 名の課題レポートを対象とした。対象物を質的帰納的に分析し、学生の認識変容に関与した要因をカテゴリー化した。
【Objective】This study aimed to clarify the factors related to the change in students' perception of gerontological nursing practicum (hereinafter referred to as practical training), and to contribute to the teaching process in practical training.
【Methods】We completed the practical training for students and examined the reports of 47 fourth year students who confirmed their grades and unit credentials. The date of subjects were categorically and inductively analyzed and the factors involved in the students' perceptual change were categorized.
【Results】Three categories, which are premise recognition of the of students【View of nursing fixed】and【Anxiety due to things you do not know】and【You probably can not do it】found and two categories of factors related to cognitive transformation 【Those obtained from the deepening of relationship with the target】and【Relationship with leaders, noticed by dialogue】were extracted.
【Discussion】Two kinds of "questions"related to student's cognitive change were considered to be one obtained by the interaction with the target person and the other received from the teacher / leader.

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