Departmental Bulletin Paper 母子看護学臨地実習における段階的実習と選択的実習の効果

草薙, 美穂  ,  茎津, 智子  ,  佐藤, 昇子  ,  澤田, 優美  ,  田中, さおり

 A 大学看護学科では2012 年度改正カリキュラムより、母性看護学実習と小児看護学実習を統合し、母子看護学臨地実習として新たな方法で実習を開始した。3年後期1単位(1週間)を母子の基礎的実習の機会、4年前期3単位(3週間)は母性と小児をそれぞれ2週間または1週間行う選択的実習形態をとり統合した学びを深める機会とした。本研究では、2014年度から2015年度に実習を行った看護学生を対象に、(1)3年次から4年次への段階的実習の効果、(2)母子を統合した実習および4年次の選択的実習形態の効果、(3)今後の母子看護学臨地実習のあり方を検討することを目的にアンケート調査を実施した。その結果、段階的実習で3年次の実習が4年次の実習のイメージ化や対象理解の学びにつながる事、母子合同カンファレンスが母子看護の対象者の一連の看護を考える機会になる事、選択的実習形態が学生の実習への意欲や学びに影響する事が示唆された。
At the College A Faculty of Nursing, new practicums integrating maternal and pediatric nursing were introduced according to a curriculum revision in the 2012 academic year. The renovated courses of on-site clinical training offer opportunities to deepen comprehensive learning about maternal and pediatric nursing, granting one credit in the second semester of the junior year for the (one-week) basic maternal and pediatric practicum and three credits in the first semester of the senior year for the (three-week) maternal and pediatric nursing practicum, during which training periods can be selected (two weeks for maternal nursing and one for pediatric nursing and vice versa). In this study, a survey was conducted among nursing students who experienced the practicums between the 2014 and 2015 academic years to investigate: the effect of step-by-step training courses from junior to senior years, the effect of integrated training on maternal and pediatric nursing and selective training in the senior year, and the ideal future style of on-site clinical training on maternal and pediatric nursing. The results suggest that, thanks to the stepwise practicums, experience during the junior year helps students envision training during the senior year and understand mothers and children subject to nursing care. They also suggest; that joint maternal and pediatric conferences provide opportunities to consider a continuum of nursing care for mothers and children; and that the selective style of training affects motivation for student training and learning performance.

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