Departmental Bulletin Paper アメリカにおけるホスピス・緩和ケアとグリーフサポートの実際~ニューヨーク緩和ケア視察研修を通して~

横山, 聖美

I joined this study tour to gain some suggestions for grief support provided in Japanese medical institutions. Grief support is reimbursed in American hospice and palliative care, provided by interdisciplinary professionals such as doctors, social workers, chaplains, and volunteers. Due to America’s racial and religious diversity, various support groups suited to specific needs for the bereaved family are continuously held, so they can choose their own one. Bereavement support is mostly provided by clinical nurses in Japanese medical institutions, however in reality, they may not respond to various needs of the bereaved because nurses cannot serve them exclusively. Also, there are two issues to be solved; lack of educational system for professional grief support and shortage of such providers. Through this study tour, there is a need to be who plays a grief support in Japan to consider whether appropriate. And, the need for educational support for clinical nurse plays a grief support has been suggested.

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