Departmental Bulletin Paper 成人看護学臨地実習における外来看護体験実習での学び

柴田, 和恵  ,  大野, 和美  ,  臺野, 美奈子  ,  坂野, 恵子  ,  前田, 明子

成人看護学臨地実習における外来看護体験実習の学習効果を検討するために、A 看護大学4 年生81 名のうち研究協力者64 名で外来看護体験実習をレポートテーマに選択した19 名の学びを質的帰納的に分析した。結果、136 のコード、34 のサブカテゴリーが得られ、12 のカテゴリー『生活者としての対象者』『外来治療のメリット・デメリット』『外来診察・治療に関連する思い』『病気体験からの後悔・気持ちの変化』『治療に伴う症状と日常生活への影響』『自宅での自己管理状況』『家族のサポート』『外来看護の実際』『外来看護師の役割・必要な能力』『外来看護に関する課題』『外来看護への認識の変化』『自己課題の明確化』、3 つのコアカテゴリー【外来で治療継続中の対象理解】【外来看護の理解】【学生の認識の変化】が抽出された。外来看護体験実習は、患者との直接対話から社会生活の中での治療の実態や思いを知り、外来看護での必要な能力や課題を明らかにする機会となっていた。
To examine learning outcomes of outpatient nursing experience in adult nursing practical training, we obtained cooperation from 64 out of 81 students in their fourth year at A college of nursing. Among them, the learning of 19 students who selected the theme of report regarding outpatient nursing experience was analyzed by a qualitative inductive approach. As a result, we obtained 136 codes and 34 sub-categories, with 12 categories, and three core categories. The 12 categories included “nursing target as living persons,”“advantages and disadvantages of outpatient treatment,”“thoughts related to outpatient consultations and treatment,”“regrets arising from illness experiences and changes in feeling,”“treatment-related symptoms and impact on daily life,”“state of self-management at home,”“family support,”“implementation of outpatient nursing,”“abilities required for outpatient nursing roles,”“issues related to outpatient nursing,”“change in perception of outpatient nursing,” and “clarification of one’s own tasks.” The three core categories included “understanding the subject receiving ongoing treatment on an outpatient basis,”“understanding outpatient nursing,” and “change in student perception.” Experiential training of outpatient nursing provided the opportunity to talk directly with patients and learn their feelings and actual state of receiving treatment in social life and to clarify the abilities required and tasks involved in outpatient nursing.

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