Departmental Bulletin Paper 成人看護学臨地実習における専門・認定看護師等同行実習での学び

大野, 和美  ,  臺野, 美奈子  ,  坂野, 恵子  ,  柴田, 和恵  ,  前田, 明子

成人看護学臨地実習における専門・認定看護師等同行実習での学生の学びの内容を検討するため、A 看護系大学の4 年生81 名で協力の得られた64 名の内、専門・認定看護師等同行実習をテーマ選択した45名のレポートを質的帰納的に分析した。結果、専門・認定看護師等同行実習における学生の学びとして、『専門・認定看護師等の職場の現状』『専門的な看護ケアを必要とする患者の現状』『専門分野における看護実践の内容』『患者への直接的ケアの実際』『看護職への指導および相談、連携』『多職種・他施設との連携』『教育活動と対策の推進』『活動の充実へ向けた基盤作り』『活動の充実および拡大』『専門・認定看護師等に対する新たな認識』『視野の広がりと意欲の向上』の11 のカテゴリーが抽出された。更にこれらは、【専門・認定看護師等に関わる現状の理解】【専門分野に特化した看護活動の理解】【専門・認定看護師等の課題】【学生の認識の変化】の4 つのコアカテゴリーに分類された。学生は専門・認定看護師等が行うより専門的な看護活動に直接触れることにより、専門・認定看護師等に対する新たな認識や視野の広がりが得られ、高度な知識と技術の必要性について学んでいた。
This study examined the content of student learning through practicum which they accompany specialized/certified nurses in adult nursing practical training. A qualitative study was conducted with 64 out of the 81 fourth-year students of A College of Nursing who agreed to participate in the study. A total of 45 reports on experiences of such practicum were analyzedinductively. As a result, eleven categories were extracted: “current workplace conditions for specialized/certified nurses”; “state of patients who require specialized nursing care”; “content of nursing practice in specialized fields”; “experience in giving direct care to patients”; “guidance, consultation, and collaboration in nursing”; “collaboration with various healthcare professionals and other institutions”; “educational activities and promotion of strategies”; “creation of the working environment to improve activities”; “improvement and expansion of activities”; “new perceptions of specialized/certified nurses”; and “broadening of perspective and improved motivation.” These categories were classified into four core categories: “understanding of the current state of specialized/certified nurses,” “understanding of specialized nurse activities in specialized fields,” “issues of specialized/certified nurses,” and “changes in student perspective.” Students were able to directly experience specialized nurse activities performed by specialized/certified nurses. This broadened their views and gave them a new perspective on specialized/certified nursing. Students also learned the necessity of advanced skills and knowledge.

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