Departmental Bulletin Paper 欧州プロ・サッカーリーグにおける発展メカニズムの研究 ―トリプル・プラットフォームをベースとしたビジネス・エコシステムによる共進化―

大井 義洋

In this paper, Professional football leagues have been identified as economic actors pursuing revenues and their development mechanism will be studied. The subject of this study will be the top 5 European leagues who have developed to stand out from the rest of the world from various perspectives including an economic perspective.The analysis method relies on Christensen&Carlile(2009) where existing studies and cases are used for building theory, and analysis was conducted using semi-structured interviews based on research questions and existing studies.According to the analysis, in a world of globalization, the top 5 European leagues where each league would be an exclusive company in each territory created a world system under formal or informal institutions. Domestic(National)Regional(European) and Global(World) were each seen as platforms consisting the triple platforms. The UEFA Champions League (European Regional platform) was perceived the core of the earning cycle in developing its own eco-system to enable economic growth and coevolution.

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