Departmental Bulletin Paper 外来診療における患者満足に関する先行研究レビュー

杉本 ゆかり

 Patient satisfaction is a part of the quality of health care. Improvement of the patient satisfaction is important for health care organizations to perform a medical marketing effectively. The purpose of this paper is to review the research of the patient satisfaction on outpatient clinical care and discuss the future researches.  This review focused on mainly the literatures of the patients’ satisfaction in UK, USA and Japan so that we could understand the current global patient satisfaction and discuss the future research.  The features of this paper is to explore the relationship between an expectation concept and the patient satisfaction. First of all, we discussed the classification of expectation and the expectation disconfirmation theory. Then, this paper reviewed the factors, such as the technics of medical doctors, nurses, facilities and etc., which are affecting the patient satisfaction. Finally, this paper examined the future studies of research of patient satisfaction.

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