Departmental Bulletin Paper 日本のダイバーシティ経営の特徴と課題 ~「経済産業省 ダイバーシティ経営企業100選」の事例分析~

酒井 之子

 This study discusses the characteristics and issues of diversity management of Japanese large company. Recently, workforce diversity advances in Japanese company, however the companies are behind the global business environment in diversity management. In this study, the author analyzed the cases of 84 large companies which are awarded as “Diversity Management Selection 100;best practice of diversity management in Japan“by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.The views of the analytical framework are diversity and inclusion initiatives , the human resource management system and business achievement. As result, firstly, many companies clarify cooperate philosophy, promote diversity by the top management. Secondly, they implement to establish of flexible working hours and place. Especially they focused on initiative for women such as active recruitment, skill development and career progression. On the other hand, there are a few initiatives of evaluation, promotion and compensation to fit the diversity of human resource.Also, consciousness and skill development for the manager is less effective.Thirdly, it is found in many cases that business achievement is generated by women characteristics.This case study implied that it is necessary to transform the human resource management system and inclusion practice for workplace climate in order to utilize not only women but also the diversity of human resource.

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