Departmental Bulletin Paper 企業資産に着目した戦略的ICT投資評価の研究-ICTを伴う戦略の実現に必要な経営資源-

上岡 恵子

With the spread of the Internet, the use of ICT has integrated value chains including customers, customers are affecting changes in processes within the enterprise. However, with the conventional ICT investment evaluation method, it is not possible to fully evaluate such strategic ICT investment. This paper aims to clarify the objectives of the evaluation and the investment targets of strategic ICT investment before developing a new evaluation method of strategic ICT investment. We built a framework of preliminary hypotheses for analysis and applied it to 7 cases. As the result, it was suggested that the strategic ICT investment evaluation unit was a "strategic program" consisting of multiple projects that depends on the implementation of a program, and that the strategic ICT investment objectives were human assets, physical assets, intellectual assets, organization assets, information / IT assets, financial assets, related assets, and customer assets.

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