Departmental Bulletin Paper Railway as the Media for Imagination : Historical Changes of Boys Cultures and Rail-fans in Japan

辻 泉

(第21号/2016年度)  , pp.277 - 295 , 2017-09-30
 This study aims at revealing the historical changes of Japanese boys cultures and the role of media in construction process of self-identity. Especially, I intend to mention the role of Railway. Because it has played important roles in modernization of this society, and it is deeply related to our culture. In this study, the term “boys cultures” means cohort cultures rather than cultures of people who are young men at the present day. In this sense, “boys cultures” means characteristics of communication and identity of boys in each age. In Japan, there have been many railway fan clubs in universities and high schools, many railway model shops in each cities, and in most book stores they sell railway magazines and books. And many railway fans are males. The Japanese Sociologist Mita pointed out that Railway is the Media for Imagination visualize the deference of a oneself and unknown others(Mita, 1984). Thus, I thought that this media have a potential of contribute to the construction of self-identity. For example, in early Modern Japan, Railway(=Steam Locomotive) visualized the deference of Japanese society and Western advanced society, or rural society and urbanized society. In middle Modern Japan, Railway(=Electrorical car) visualized the deference of the present society and the future society. Confirming that, I intend to analyze the findings of interview survey of various male Railfan, and the articles of Railway Magazines in Japan.

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