Departmental Bulletin Paper 新自由主義的世界における多文化主義の再構成に向けて─ガッサン・ハージの多文化主義論に基づいて─

栗林 大

(第21号/2016年度)  , pp.199 - 218 , 2017-09-30
 Today, the friction between multiculturalism and the nation-states that have held multiculturalism-oriented policies has increased more than ever before. Especially in European countries, criticism of the “failure of multiculturalism” is rapidly interpenetrating, and taking over mainstream political discourse, against the backdrop of increasing problems related to Muslim migrants and refugees. Now, multiculturalism policies look to transform while referring to the ideal of liberalism. This seems to comply with the logic of national integration, along with the modification of nation-states in the neoliberal era. This article focuses on the neo-liberal transformation and cul-de-sac of multiculturalism, and tries to plot an alternative way of reconstructing multiculturalism in terms of “social hope”, which was proposed by Ghassan Hage, anthropologist and sociologist in Australia.

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