Departmental Bulletin Paper “うごきの比較学”にむけて─惑星社会の“臨場・臨床の智”への社会学的探求( 1 )─

新原 道信

(第21号/2016年度)  , pp.69 - 95 , 2017-09-30
 This article evolved from a research project called “Sociological Explorations on the “Living knowledge(cumscientia ex klinikós)” for the Planetary Society” which is a part of the European Research Networkʼs activities at the Institute of Social Sciences, Chuo University. The project is based on the idea that exploring, against the tide of the disposition to dissociate/disengage oneself from what is happening, “Region and Community for Sustainable Ways of Being” is urgent and crucial for the 21st century planetary society, in which the multiple problems concerning exclusion and inclusion are increasingly frequent. Throughout the project, we have sought to clarify the ways in which “Living knowledge(cumscientia ex klinikós)” is lived or embodied in so-called “frontier/liminal territories” in which the varieties of “homines patientes” try to coexist while conflicting, merging, and intertwining with one another. Under such objectives, I conducted research in certain areas, regarding the autonomy and independence of such localities, the global inter-cooperation among the communities, and the composite/ complex/hybrid identities of the community residents, while employing such key concepts as “imagination and creativity of limit-situation.” The article reflects on the epistemology developed from dialogue with Alberto Melucci, Alberto Merler, Andrea Vargiu, Anna Fabbrini-Melucci. My research experience of encountering the “wise on the frontier/liminal territories” and being involved in the “crude reality” submits a theoretical framework for conceiving and coping with the ongoing problems. In that, the article sets out a preliminary exploration for what might be called “Comparatology” of nascent moments.

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