Departmental Bulletin Paper 朝鮮総督府の麻薬政策と朝鮮人の麻薬患者

樋口 雄一

(第20号/2016)  , pp.153 - 167 , 2017-08-24
 This paper investigates the status of drug production during 1930s in Korea under the Japanese colonial empire and the facts of Oriental Development Company(or Toyo Takushoku Kabushiki Gaisha)’s drug production for peasants in Korea. In addition to Oriental Development Company, the order from the province(prefecture) governments and landowners enforced the general tenant farmers to produce drugs. However, the revenue from the drug production was not enough for the peasants to make a decent living. While surveying the number of Korean drug addicts at that time, this paper also verifies the Governor-General of Korea’s administrative responses to Korean drug addicts. In conclusion, this paper makes clear the brutal side of Japanese colonial rule in Korea that used drugs to dominate Korean peasants. This caused a large number of drug addicts among Korean peasants. Even worse, there was only one drug treatment facility at the time. Sources are all new which were written by the Governor-General of Korea and its related organizations. As a further study, the effect of the drug production which remained in Korean society after the end of colonization should be inquired.

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