Departmental Bulletin Paper 八角三郎と中国海軍再建論

馮 青

(第20号/2016)  , pp.119 - 136 , 2017-08-24
 This paper focuses on YASUMI Saburo (1880‒1965), Vice-admiral of Japanese Imperial Navy and one of the “China Hands” and his “Plan for Chinese Naval Reconstruction”, proposed to Chinese Naval authorities during Taisho decade. He had a unique idea for National Defense, which emphasized cooperation between Japan and China and opposed to U.S. or German influence in the East Asia. This paper further pointed these points: (1) The moderates in Japanese Navy regarded Japanese military expansion toward China since the Twenty-One Demands as mistakes and useless for consolidating Japan’s endurable defense power. (2) The moderates also insisted on the need to improve Chinese national power, especially reconstructing her Navy. (3) Yasumi’s plan for Chinese Naval Reconstruction turned to be a root for the interchanges among Sino-Japanese navies during 1930s. The author fully uses Japanese and Chinese first-hand materials, such as Admiral Yasumi’s personal collections and his oral history.

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