Departmental Bulletin Paper 東アジアにおける経済発展過程の研究―4 ドラゴンズの発展過程第1期―

大橋 正和

(第20号/2016)  , pp.87 - 105 , 2017-08-24
 The 4 Dragons(Tigers) is a term of the highly free, global and These countries recovered rapidly from the crisis of 1997 Asian crisis and 2008 financial crisis and developed highly digitalized society. developed economies of Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan. Hong Kong and Singapore are among the biggest financial centers worldwide, and South Korea and Taiwan are important hubs of global manufacturing. These nations and areas were notable for maintaining exceptionally high growth rates, differing in natural resources, population, culture, and economic policy. The first stage of development system study conduced on the economical point of view. These economies join the ranks of the world’s richest nations. It is necessary to improve productivity and achieve further technological innovation through capital investment, as well as to develop and harness domestic human resources. The factors of labor productivity in light of soft assets are better than Japan. This paper discusses the first stage era of labor force and economical development processes of 4Dragons, which integrates different social systems and frameworks into the economical comprehensive model compared with Japanese Social System. It provided further observation for applying the different process from the Group Of Eight (G8).

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