Departmental Bulletin Paper 重要インフラを標的とするサイバー攻撃と国際安全保障への影響

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(第20号/2016)  , pp.71 - 85 , 2017-08-24
 Since the internet appeared, with increasing cyber threats, the vulnerability of critical infrastructure has become a vital issue for international security. Although cyber attack was not lethal in the past, new type of cyber assaults such as stuxnet are able to damage not only computer system digitally, but also critical infrastructure physically. This article will investigate how the recent cyber attacks have threatened critical infrastructure and their influence on international security. The impact of the September 11 terrorist attacks strengthened the necessity of protecting critical infrastructure, but the scope of cyber attack was limited in those days. Stuxnet that destroyed the Iranian nuclear facility has had a strong impact because it proved that cyber attack could be a strategic weapon. While the threats of cyber attack have been increasing, corresponding methods are not developed enough to protect critical infrastructures. In the sphere of cyber security, an offensive is generally superior than a defensive because the origins of cyber attacks can be hidden and costs of the attack are considerably low. The norms of cyber security have been undeveloped, so that states will not expect the international cooperation to resolve conflicts in cyber issues that are related with political matters. This environment will lead states to expand the capability of cyber attack to deter the decisive destruction on critical infrastructure.

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