Departmental Bulletin Paper 日韓経済協会(JKE)設立の契機とその背景

石丸 聖剛

(第20号/2016)  , pp.23 - 39 , 2017-08-24
 Japan-Korea Economic Association, JKE, was established in 1960, by leading members of Japanese business circles and business leaders of Korean residents in Japan. Park Yang-jo, a Korean resident in Japan, also a former officer of Mindan and Senichi Kamata, a former Lieutenant General of the Imperial Japanese Army, played an important role for the establishment of JKE in the initial stage. Especially, Park already had an idea in the middle of 1950s to establish an organization like JKE. Therefore, it can be said one of the origins of JKE was that Park and Kamata brought the idea to Kougorou Uemura, a vice-president of Keidanren (Japan Business Foundation). In the meantime, some Japanese business leaders like Uemura were involved in the economic diplomacy of the Kishi administration. This economic diplomacy was also an important factor for the establishment of JKE. This paper explain the origins and background led to the establishment of JKE.

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