Departmental Bulletin Paper アメリカにおけるホワイト・カラーの雇用保障―従業員ハンドブックを中心に(上)―

関口 定一

(第31号)  , pp.19 - 33 , 2017-08-31
 Many US corporations have been publishing “Employee Handbook” for their employees, including their white collar workers. From around the WWII era, these handbooks began to include some descriptions on the corporate policies and procedures. The descriptions include general employment security policies, hiring and firing practices, layoff and recall procedures, and so on. Until the end of 1970s, the contents of these descriptions on employment has become more practical and more specific. In practice, these detailed descriptions of employment rules restrict the most robust common law rule of “employment at will” in lawsuits. As a result, under the quite sever business environment of the 1980s, there occurs many conflicts around the employee handbooks arose, and many employers began to consider making changes in the contents of these handbooks. This paper examines the employment related contents of some typical employee hand books and make clear their role in employment security of white collar employees before the 1980s.

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