Departmental Bulletin Paper Classification of Incentives in Voluntary Contribution of Residents: The Regional Experimental Analysis on Hachioji City, Tokyo

盛田 富容子

(No.6)  , pp.79 - 97 , 2017
To promote residents’ participation in local governance, the government has to respond to the increasing and diversifying needs and concerns of residents. Because of this, communication at the local level has become more important. Experimentally, the Regional Environmental Diagnosis of Hachioji Tokyo has explored and enhanced incentives of voluntary contribution by the residents. This paper ensures the empirical evidence on the diversified contributions connected with incentives of residents in Hachioji City, Tokyo, and investigates the features of each pattern. We extract four interpretable groups of residents using cluster analysis. The results from this analysis reveal that the differences between the extracted groups in terms of incentives of contribution are due to the differences between them in evaluations and attitudes on three fields of local environment: Natural Environment, Greening/Urban Planning and Social Environment. To realize good environmental governance at the local level, this empirical research implies that initiatives in these three fields of local environment should improve effectively regional governance with the voluntary contribution of esidents.

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