Departmental Bulletin Paper 外国語を勉強するモチベーションを向上させる例の1つ ──中央大学総合政策学部第二外国語(ドイツ語)のベルリン研修旅行について──


(Vol.24)  , pp.115 - 125 , 2016-03-03
This paper examines the role of language study trips for Japanese students of a second foreign language. The focus of consideration will be the two language study trips to Berlin, Germany carried out with students of the Faculty of Policy Studies of Chuo University. The two journeys were greatly supported by the Faculty. This reflective paper includes material from evaluation reports and a questionnaire conducted in Japanese.So far 13 students participated, who were surveyed about their experiences regarding the journey (students of 2014) and their intentions and worries in participating (students of 2015). All of them were studying German for at least one and a half years before travelling to Berlin. According to the students’ opinion surveyed, the results suggest the importance of motivating opportunities like language study trips. The continuation of trips paired with a constant improvement of it might result in the students’ continuation of language study and increase of interest in foreign cultures.

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