Departmental Bulletin Paper A Delayed Effect in Aspectual Mismatches and Processing Cost of Aspectual Adverbs

大羽 良

(80)  , pp.217 - 235 , 2015-10-30
Aspectual mismatches between verbs and adverbs were observed in some experiments (Brenan and Pylkkänen, 2008; Ishii and Ishikawa 2014), but they did not agree as to at which region aspectual mismatches emerged in the course of reading through a sentence; Brenan and Pylkkänen (2008) observed aspectual mismatches just at the region where a verb appeared when a temporal adverbial modifier was preposed to the verb in English; on the other hand, in Ishii and Ishikawa (2014), aspectual mismatches were found at the later region in Japanese. A combination of choice experiment and self-paced reading experiment was conducted, and the result showed that the interpretation of aspect needed time to be processed in the course of reading, and therefore, it was conjectured that the delayed effect of aspectual mismatches observed in Ishii and Ishikawa (2014) emerged because the shorter adverbial modifiers they chose did not give subjects enough time to process the aspect of adverbs.

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