Departmental Bulletin Paper F.ガリアーニ「トロイ戦争時の貨幣の状態について―『貨幣論』成立前史―」

黒須 純一郎

(第46号)  , pp.359 - 381 , 2015-09-30
 Ferdinando Galiani is a napolitan abbot, enligtening thinker, and author of On Money(Della Moneta ). He wrofe a draft “On the stato of money of Trojan wartime quoted many passages from Homer’s Iliad, Odyssey” (Sullo stato della moneta ai tempi della Guerra troiana per quanto ritraesi dal poema di Omero. 1747-8) in youth. His unpublished manuscript is very important and interesting as material of prehistry of On Money. At that time, money hasn’t been minted the metals into the coins. Therefore, many erudites have thought it that there weren’t money in Trojan wartime. On the contrary, Galiani insisted it that if money weren’t minted the metals (gold, copper, expect silver) into the coins at Trojan wartime, there were them in form of cows, sheeps, cattles in general and metallic parts by his opinion, quoted many passages from Homer’s two works. In any case, this manuscript is a very precious histrical material for radical study of Galiani’s On Money, for made use of his same passages from it to On Money itself. In addition to the fact, interestingly we often see his ironical and humorous style in manuscript as well as in On Money.

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