Departmental Bulletin Paper 衝撃による構造起因音のサウンドデザイン

曺 浣豪  ,  朝日 洋平  ,  有光 哲彦  ,  戸井 武司

第20号/2014pp.1 - 11 , 2015-03-31
Sound design process by modifying the excitation input was suggested as a method for impact sound. Because the sound induced by impact on a structure can be described as a convolution of an impulse response function of a vibro-acoustic system and the excitation function by impact process, the radiated sound is controllable by modifying the impact excitation function without changing of the structural response. Typical waveforms of filter in time domain can be employed as reference for selective excitation of frequency range and an impactor should be electrically controlled to excite a complex waveform such as high and band pass filter. The selective excitation of modal frequencies for bell was conducted with shaker system. The result shows that the suggested approach is successfully applied for the structure with low modal density. Moreover, the comfortable sound design of a punch press machine was conducted as an example of more practical application. Even though the complicated structure and limitation for modifying the input function, the sound quality of machine can be improved by combining the punching process into several steps with different stroke speeds.【査読有】

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