Departmental Bulletin Paper 流域連携活動の近年の動向― 淀川左岸地域を中心として ―

石田, 裕子

River and waterside restorations have been implemented by a collaboration between local government and citizens since 2001 in the left bank area of the Yodo River. Three sites of the Neya River were restored including “Neyagawa Seseragi Park” by the Restoration Workshop of the Neya River. Many kinds of freshwater fish and aquatic macroinvertebrates inhabit, and children play in, these restored sites. “Neyagawa Mizube Club”, was established as a citizen volunteer group which handles maintenance of restored sites of rivers and irrigation canals in Neyagawa City. The club had a problem of aging, because it had been 15 years since the club was established. After that, young people such as junior high and high school students joined the club, and they are active in civil engineering works by citizens. “Neyagawa Youth Net”, a group of university students and junior high and high school students in Neyagawa City, was organized in 2015. Young people of the Net are expected to be the center of river basin network activities. A waterside restoration project for improving access for people, and habitats for organisms will be planned in the Shimeno district in the Yodo River. If the project is accomplished, river basin network activities in the left bank area of the Yodo River will become more and more active.

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