Departmental Bulletin Paper 竹チップ肥料の有無による人工アマモ(Zostera marina)の比較
Artificial eelgrass(comparison experiment of (Zostera marina))by having bamboo tip manure or not
タケチップ ヒリョウ ノ ウム ニヨル ジンコウ アマモ Zostera marina ノ ヒカク

北村, 祐一  ,  角田, 哲也  ,  北風, 裕教

49pp.53 - 56 , 2016-12 , 大島商船高等専門学校
To create the eelgrass (Zostera marina) bed artificially, we investigated the distribution of the shoot and the seed in a natural eelgrass bed of the central part in Seto Inland Sea (Japan).Additionally, the possibility of large-scale eelgrass bed creation using eelgrass seed was examined. On fixed observation lines, it has been exist a place (Aregion) where the eelgrass shoot grows densely through the year, and it has been exist the place (B region) where the eelgrass shoot almost disappear October and November. DL depth of A region was from +16cm to -84cm, and ones of B region was from -84cm to -174cm. The seedling of the eelgrass to be observed from end of November to the beginning of December, and grows up the almost same levels as adult in April. As for the eelgrass shoot in Aregion, it was continuance, and the eelgrass shoot in B region seemed almost annual type. Especially, it has been understood that presence of eelgrass bed of B region was greatly controlled by seed density. It has been understood that the distribution of the eelgrass shoot of the investigation waters relates greatly to the density of the seed. In conclusion, it is able to create large-scale eelgrass bed by regularly seeding in area where eelgrass can be exist normally.

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