Departmental Bulletin Paper 湾岸領域自動監視を目的とするサーマルカメラを用いた複数物体追跡
Multi-object tracking for automatic coastal surveillance using a thermal camera
ワンガン リョウイキ ジドウ カンシ オ モクテキ トスル サーマルカメラ オ モチイタ フクスウ ブッタイ ツイセキ

岡村, 健史郎  ,  松村, 遼

49pp.21 - 27 , 2016-12 , 大島商船高等専門学校
In this paper, we present a method of automatic video surveillance using a thermal camera for protection of critical coastal areas and port facilities. Out method uses particle filter that has likelihood function obtained by eigen space method. Furthermore, multiple sets of particle are introduced and each set is used to detect and track separately one object. To eliminate duplicated tracking , our method deletes the redundant set by comparing two directions that indicate the each direction of largest possible variance obtained by Principal component analysis. Finally, some experimental results are shown to evaluate the validity of our method.

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