Departmental Bulletin Paper 小学校と高専の連携による総合的な学習実践例
General learning practice example by cooperation of elementary school and institute of national college of technology
ショウガッコウ ト コウセン ノ レンケイ ニヨル ソウゴウテキ ナ ガクシュウ ジッセンレイ

北村, 祐一  ,  角田, 哲也  ,  北風, 裕教

48pp.23 - 26 , 2015-12 , 大島商船高等専門学校
Many kinds of crops are grown by children as part of primary education in both the coursework and the integrated study period. This paper proposes that crops growing be a suitable teaching method for helping children learn by experience and that it should be related to fostering zest for living. In addition, it discusses various teaching tactics to help children “sense” the results of their activities in crops growing so that they could get motivated for further learning.

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