Departmental Bulletin Paper 冷凍コンテナ故障時における庫内温度変化に関する研究
A study on the change in the inside temperature in the case of failure reefer container
レイトウ コンテナ コショウジ ニ オケル コナイ オンド ヘンカ ニ カンスル ケンキュウ

山口, 伸弥  ,  川原, 秀夫  ,  石田, 廣史  ,  林, 和寛  ,  山本, 均  ,  橋本, 恵介  ,  白石, 泰

48pp.9 - 14 , 2015-12 , 大島商船高等専門学校
Lifestyle changes over the past ecades led to increasing consumption of refrigerated and frozen foods, which are easier and quicker to prepare than the traditional types of food. In order to ensure product quality and health safety, the ontrol of temperature throughout the cold chain is necessary. The study of temperature gradients inside efrigeration rooms and containers is a critical topic for the industry. We experiment observed for sweating phenomenon in the dry container in a real environment of so far, it was examined in detail sweating measures. On the other hand, in the reefer container, the temperature variation in the refrigerator due to the ailure of the refrigeration equipment is aware of the impact of the cargo has become an important issue. In this study, we performed a emperature measurement in the ontainer when the evaporator fan of the refrigeration equipment fails; we examined the impact on cargo.

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