Departmental Bulletin Paper 詩人ヨネ・ノグチの「弁明」としての The American Diary of a Japanese Girl

星野, 文子

 This paper will examine Yone Noguchi’s poetics and way of life concerning “being a poet,” as expressed in his English novel, The American Diary of a Japanese Girl (1902). This book was considered his first and only non-poetry book in English published during his eleven years living in the United States and England. In contrast to scholarship that focuses on his work from the point of view of Japonism, or his personal life—Noguchi had a child with his American editor Leonie Gilmour, and their son was the well-known sculptor Isamu Noguchi — this paper will focus on Noguchi’s obsession with poetry and “being a poet,” as expressed in this work. Analyzing his idea of “being a poet,” I will argue that this work, though a fictional novel, constitutes an attempt to write about the development of Noguchi’s identity as a poet. The paper is based on the presentation at The Tokyo American Literature Society’s section meeting of the monthly meeting on September 24, 2016.

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