Departmental Bulletin Paper The Japan Weekly Mail とヨネ・ノグチ 1913-14年の渡英で再確認した詩人像

星野, 文子

  This paper aims to introduce articles written by Yone Noguchi in the Japan Weekly Mail between January 1913 and June 1914. These articles, which were recently identified by researchers, will be used to analyze his sense of himself as a poet, or his poet-self. Yone Noguchi was the first Japanese poet who published English poetry books in United States of America at the end of the19th century, and in England at the beginning of the 20th century. After spending nearly 11 years abroad, he came back to Japan in 1904 as a well-known poet, and continued writing actively for various magazines and newspapers, as well as publishing books in both English and Japanese languages. At the time, he was one of the only Japanese capable of doing so. It recently came to light that the Japan Weekly Mail carried many of Noguchi’s articles before, during, and after his second visit to England, on the invitation of the Poet Laureate Robert Bridges. The topics Noguchi covers in these articles range from English and American literature, to Ukiyoe, Kabuki, Noh-play, Japanese art, his poetry, and his impressions and experiences in England. Drawing on these articles, this paper will shed light on how his visit to England reassured his poet-self.

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