Departmental Bulletin Paper 当事者との交流は養子・養親・実父母に対するイメージを変えるのか : 自由記述欄の量的分析による検討
Can the Lecture by an Adoptive Parent for Students Change their Stereotype of the Adoptive Family?

楽木, 章子  ,  藤井, 厚紀  ,  東村, 知子  ,  八ッ塚, 一郎

This paper focused on stereotypes of adoptive family in Japan, i.e. adoptive parents, adopted children, and their birth parents. An adoptive mother was invited to talk about her experience to University & College student in 5 classes. The effect of the talk was examined by comparing the pre- and post-class questionnaires. The results revealed that (1) negative images of birth parents changes to sympathetic ones, (2) free description about adopted children in questionnaire significantly increases contrary to decreased pity stereotypes. Focusing of the words in free description, the word “ordinary ‘” was newly appeared and the word “ordinary” and “children/family” were linked together. It was found that the tales by an adoptive mother made the students feel closer to adopted families.

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