Departmental Bulletin Paper 乳幼児期の発達や学びの評価の検討 : 言葉の領域に焦点をあてて
An Evaluation of the Assessment Measures of Learning and Development in Early Childhood: Focus on the Domain of Language

樟本, 千里  ,  岩立, 京子  ,  西坂, 小百合  ,  松井, 智子  ,  岩立, 志津夫

In this study, the evaluation system used in preschool education was explored.The goal was to clarify the relationship between developmental characteristics according to age and teachers' intuitive evaluation. Three hundred and forty-two children(aged between 0-5years)from 16 preschools participated in this study. The teachers evaluated the children based on their record of play behavior in preschool. A part of the “Desired result Developmental Profile(California, US)” was used as the assessment instrument; the investigation assessment measure was part of “Domain : Language and Literacy Development”. The results demonstrated that the evaluation of each assessment item was higher with the age of the increasing age of the child. When the intuitive evaluation of the teachers on the communicative competence of the child was high, all assessment items of “Language and literacy Development” were also highly evaluated.

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