Departmental Bulletin Paper 配偶者との死別後の生活への適応 : 性別からみた生活への自信と役割の関係
Adaptation to Life after Bereavement of a Spouse : The relationship of confidence in life and roles viewed from a gender perspective

福武, まゆみ  ,  島村, 美砂子  ,  難波, 峰子  ,  荻野, 哲也

The purpose of this research is to clarify gender-specific factors influencing confidence in life after bereavement of a spouse and find implications for specific preparations to increase said confidence. We distributed a self-reporting questionnaire to 600 members of an elderly persons' group in Prefecture A consisting of basic attributes, state of roles in daily life, state of emotional dependence, human relationships, and confidence in life after the loss of a spouse. We collected 401 responses and analyzed 334 of them, excluding those respondents who did not answer any of the items relating to the state of roles and confidence in life after losing a spouse before implementing an χ2 test by gender regarding their confidence in life or lack thereof as well as other items. The items relating to confidence after the loss of a spouse were state of health, emotional dependence, and relationships with friends for both sexes, with relationships with neighbors for men only and management of seals and bankbooks for women only. The results obtained suggested that acquiring confidence in life requires maintenance of health, recognition of ordinary rolls as spouses, and putting these into practice while the spouse is still alive as well as creating human relationships going forward are all necessary.

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