Departmental Bulletin Paper 笠岡諸島における行政・NPO法人・住民との連携協働による教育実践

二宮, 一枝

Between FY2011 and FY2016, we collaborated with the Okayama Prefecture Bicchu General Service Bureau (Public Health Center ), the Kasaoka local government in the prefecture, a nonprofit organization, and local residents and held training camps on isolated islands (primarily Kitagi Island) using the health center’s programs. These camps were initially recognized as extracurricular lessons in an integrated curriculum for public health/hospital nurses. With changes in the time required to train public health nurses, the training became the responsibility of graduate schools, and these camps became a compulsory course for hospital nurse training. However, when community-based education began on a school-wide basis in FY2016, the hospital nurse education curriculum was revised with the aim of introducing a new system starting in FY2019. As a contribution to such revision, we therefore studied the training camps on the Kasaoka Islands over a 6-year period to evaluate them from the viewpoint of the model core curriculum revision for hospital nurse education and minimum requirements for public health nurses. We verified that the training camps comply with our schoolwide educational policy, which means that students can use them to gain practical nursing skills that meet the requirements of the local comprehensive healthcare system.

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