Departmental Bulletin Paper 岡山県立大学における障害のある学生への合理的支援と課題

齋藤, 誠二  ,  谷口, 敏代  ,  迫, 明仁  ,  高橋, 徹  ,  福濱, 嘉宏  ,  京林, 由季子  ,  吉原, 直彦

The number of enrolled students and the enrollment rate of students with disabilities in universities are increasing yearly; support for students with disabilities is an urgent issue to be addressed extensively, and it is crucial to enlist more support than ever. In Okayama Prefectural University, under the enforcement of the “Act for Eliminating Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities,” according to the basic policy indicated from the Cabinet Office, we developed the system and created it manually to ensure that students with disabilities enjoyed and exercised “rights to receive education” equally with others. This paper describes the promotion system of rational consideration and the process of consensus formation at Okayama Prefectural University. Moreover, it enumerates the problems arising from the case and their solutions.

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