Departmental Bulletin Paper 通所介護事業所における生活相談員の業務内容と困難度
The workload and difficulty of social workers at day service centers

合田, 衣里  ,  谷口, 敏代

[目的]通所介護事業所における生活相談員の業務と困難度を明確にする。[研究方法]通所介護事業所の生活相談員を対象に自記式質問紙による郵送調査を実施した。回答のあった341 票の内、欠損値のない174 票を対象とした。[結果] 「送迎」、「介護業務との兼務」、「記録」「介護支援専門員との連携」「利用者への相談援助」の順に業務割合が高かった。困難度の高い業務は「苦情解決」、「会計経理」、「地域連携」、「事業計画管理」「研修企画」であった。「介護業務との兼務」は男性より女性の方が、また介護経験のある者の方が有意に高く従事していた。「介護支援専門員との連携」「苦情解決」は福祉系大学の卒業者が有意に高く困難感を感じていた。年齢が高い程「苦情解決」「事業計画管理」「会計経理」の困難度は有意に低かった。[結論]生活相談員の本来の業務である「連絡調整・相談業務」よりもその他の業務の頻度が高いことが明らかになった。
 [Purpose]We aimed to study content of the workload and the various difficulty encountered by social workers at day service centres.[Methods]We surveyed 174 social workers using a self-administered questionnaire that addressed various items including the content of the operations and the degree of difficulty of social workers.[Results]In terms of the ratio of the duties, from highest to the lowest, the order is as follows: pick-ups, additional post with care, recording, cooperation with the care manager, and consultation and assistance. In terms of the degree of the various difficulties, the order form the highest to the lowest is as follows: processing of complaints, accounting, regional liaison, business plan management, and creation of a training plan. A lot of women engage in the additional post with care than a man. The person with the care experience engages a lot in comparison with a few people. A welfare university graduate compared the ‘processing of complaints’ with ‘cooperation with the care manager’ but found it difficult to come up with a conclusion. 'Cooperation with the care manager,’ ‘business plan management,’ and ‘accounting’ were not difficulty for old social workers.[Conclusion]The present study showed the more other work than the consultation that was the original work of the social workers.

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