Journal Article 相手顔画像を合成した身体的引き込み観客キャラクタを用いた実映像対話システム

石井, 裕  ,  渡辺, 富夫

Abstract – An embodied video communication system, called ’E-VChat’, was developedfor enhancing remote communication using a video image. This system is constructedby the partner’s video image using interactive CG characters including user’sown avatar and virtual audience characters. We have confirmed the effectiveness of thesystem by an experiment under free conversation. In this study, we focus on consensusbuilding communication using a video communication system with user’s own avatarsand virtual audiences. For consensus building from different opinions of speakers, wecan expect the system to provide confidence to speakers about their own opinions usingthe interactive CG audiences, because speakers can experience the agreeable responsesfrom virtual audiences. We have developed embodied communication systems includingtwo users’ avatars and speech-driven embodied entrainment objects using plant orshadow-figure models, and the effectiveness of this communication system which presentedentrainment reaction was confirmed in the experiment under consensus building.Accordingly, we develop an embodied entrainment audience characters system with partner’sface to relate audience characters with the partner. This system could bring aboutmore active interaction by virtual audience even if the remote partner does not respondto user’s speech. And we thus conduct two communication experiments using this systemto confirm the effectiveness of the system for 12 pairs of 24 talkers.

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