Departmental Bulletin Paper ワークショップ : 「大きな海にいろんな海の生き物を泳がせよう」-平成27年度 「ワークショップ演習」 (芸術文化専門科目) 報告書-

永田, 郁

(9)  , pp.135 - 148 , 2016
This paper is a report on the state of Workshop by the Seminar in Workshop 2015 (@Faculty of Art, Sojo Universty, 25th Octobor 2015). The seminar in Workshop is part of the new curriculum of Art and Culture, Dep. of Fine Art, Faculty of Art, Sojo University, for undergraduate students 2013 academic year. The purpose of this seminar is to regard social relations as art through the practical method called the art workshop with together students. We carried out a workshop as a part of the class, in the one of the programs of Techno Fantasy 2015 held on Sunday 25th Octobor 2015 at Sojo University. As for this workshop program, all the enforcement was carried out from a plan by students. This report makes voice of the student who took charge reflected, and students wrote every taking charge one. The contents insist of the following five chapters: Introduction, 1. Deciding the Planning, 2. The Embodiment of the Planning, 3. The Setting up the site of the Workshop, 4. The Execution of Workshop, 5. Summary. And voice of the students who have finished a workshop as the summary at the end of this report is carried.

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