Departmental Bulletin Paper 十字架の道行き信心の史的概観(4)アメデ・テータールト・ドゥ・ゼデルヘム

関根, 浩子

(9)  , pp.107 - 133 , 2016
The purpose of this research is an application of new design method for integrating optimum strength evaluation and product design which can make the best use of composite material’s characteristics obtained by experiment and analysis. Here, the collaboration of design and strength by using composite materials is carried out. Many products, which are made from high strength composite materials, need new product design technology which draws out the characteristic of material’s advantage. Existing product developments tend to separate product design from product planning. The process consists of a certain flow, starting from planning the shape of the product by designers, then calculating the strength, and lastly designing the product. In new design method, it is performed a styling design by requirements from engineering point of view. By using this design method of high-strength materials, we designed new styling ZIGZAG chair made of the carbon fiber reinforced plastic with excellent strength and lightweight.

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