Departmental Bulletin Paper 熊本市玄宅寺所蔵閻魔・地蔵十王図について

松田, 咲也子

Kumamoto City’s Gentaku Temple, located in the Suizenji area, holds the 11 Hanging Scrolls Depicting the Ten Kings of Hell and Jizo (hereinafter referred to as the Gentaku Collection). Nine scrolls depict the kings Shinko, Shoko, Sotei, Gokan, Enma, Taizan, Byodo, Toshi, and Godotenrin, and one scroll depicts the bodhisattva Jizo. Finally, a large scroll depicts King Enma, the Lord of Death, completing the 11-piece Gentaku Collection. The collection is open to the public every summer ans is well loved by kumamoto residents, but it has yet to be the subject of any formal artistic or historical scholarly examination. Using information from an August 2014 survey, in this report we offer an overview of and introduction to the Gentaku Collection as part of an examination into the artists and creation of artworks related to the Yano school, the school officially commissioned by the kumamoto Domain of the Edo period. In this study, we first examined the unique construction and characteristics of the Gentaku Collection, followed by an analysis of its creation based on an examination of available materials. From this we deduced that a painter from the middle of the Edo period who was active in the Higo art world as well as Takakiyo Matsuoka, a painter from the rate Edo period of the Yano school, were involved in its creation . Finally, we conclude with an explanation of the significance of the King Enmascroll from the Gentaku Collection within Higo art history

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