Departmental Bulletin Paper 前田寛治「二人の労働者」・描かれた労働者をめぐって

有田, 巧

Kanji Maeta (1896-1930) painted energetically laborers and the factory landscape from autumn in 1923, when he stayed in Paris, to the summer of 1924. For the school days he was strongly influenced by Vincent van Gogh, while having visited Paris, he continued to observe deeply those works while looking for the answer what he should learm in the works such as Cezanne, Courbet and Ingre and so on by visiting museums in Paris. There is “Two Laborers” (Ohara Museum of Art) in a series of his works. We can see two laborers seated in front of a small table with turning a sharp look to the front in the painting, where they are painted in the space of steel-blue colors. This paper aims at inferring the theme and two laborers who seem to be acted as a model of this painting by finding out the relation with historical backgrounds based on some documents and archives.

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